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Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Abby I. Dolliver Family Fund
Abilene C. Averill Fund
Albert B. Glassenberg Fund
Albert "Buttsie" and Loretta Roberge Fund
Alcino M. Almeida Scholarship Fund
Aldo Valentini Scholarship Fund
Alessi Family Fund
Alessi Family Fund for Women & Girls
Alfred G. & Imogen M. Moss Scholarship Fund
Alice Fund
Allen James Day Memorial Award Fund
Alliance For Living Fund
Almond M. Paine Sunday School Fund
Alva G. Greenberg Fund
Alyce Orenstein Scholarship Fund
A Moveable Feast Fund
Andrew and Elaine McKirdy Fund
Ann and Gordon Douglas Fund
Anna Pulito Skory Memorial Fund
Anthony and Elizabeth Enders Fund
Antone "Billy" Roderick Scholarship Fund
Apple Tree Fund
ARC of New London County Fund
Armelde Pitre STEM Leadership Scholarship Fund
Arnold W. and Janet L. Avery Scholarship Fund
Arts Alliance Fund
Arts in Education Fund
Attorney Tim Spayne Memorial Scholarship Fund
Aubrey Ashleigh Premo Scholarship Fund
Avalonia Land Conservancy Fund
Avery-Hammond Fund
Avery Russell Morgan Children's Literacy Fund
Baker Costa Mallette Fund
Barbara and Joseph Sheffey, Jr. Fund
Barbara Kiss Johnson Fund
Barbara Sahagan Fund for Women & Girls
Barbara Timken Fund
Beaumont Family Fund
Beaumont Scholarship Fund
Beaver Brook Fund
Bernard and Alice Chalecki Fund
Beth Walker Fund
Betty Richards Tripp Fund
Big 4 Radio Stations Fund
Bill Foye Philippine Scholarship Fund
Bill Memorial Library Fund
Bob and Deb Burnside Giving Back Fund
Boettner Fund
Boys to Men Fund
Bredeson Family Fund
Broach Fund
Brodhead Scholarship Fund
Bulkeley Alumni-Harold J. Arkava Scholarship Fund
Cahill Black Point Education Fund
Camp Family Fund
C. A. Pike Fund
Carl Clark Graves Fund
Carl Jr. and Dorothy Safford UCONN Scholarship Fund
Carl Jr. & Dorothy Croft Safford Scholarship Fund
Carol and Michael Lahan Fund for Norwich Women & Girls
Carole Marks Fund
Carole Marks Scott Youth Fund
Carol J. Williams Fund for Windham Women & Girls
Carol L. Chappell Fund
Carolyn Benvenuti Memorial Scholarship Fund
Carolyn L. and Kenneth E. Grube Memorial Fund
Carrie V. and Horace W. Rowe Family Fund
Caryn Nesbitt, M.D. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Catherine M. & Charles R. Sortor Fund
Catherine Melling Memorial Fund
Cathy and Steven Bokoff Fund
Cdr. James L. Smith Scholarship Fund
C. Francis Driscoll Scholarship Fund
Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut, Inc. Foundation Fund
Charles & Susan Seeman Fund
Chelsea Groton Bank Fund
Chester W. Kitchings Fund
Clancy Family - St. Joseph Fund
Clayton M. Grey Memorial Scholarship Fund
Clock Tower Fund
Coastal (New London Federal Savings & Loan) Fund
Colchester Land Trust Fund
Colin & Loretta Rice Family Fund
Colonial Cooperative Care Charitable Fund
Community Leadership Fund
Connecticut Early Music Fund
Constance Pike Fund (Old Lyme Children's Learning Center)
Cornelius and Mary Jane York Scholarship Fund
Covenant Shelter of New London Fund
Culture SECT Economic Recovery Fund
Cynthia A. Carano Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dana Michael Poole Scholarship Fund
Daniel and Rose Hendel Fund
Danny Gilman Memorial Scholarship Fund
David and Muriel Hinkle Fund
David and Sherry Dresbeck Fund
David and Theresa Sistare Fund
David C. Smith Memorial Fund
David J. Calchera Scholarship Fund - EASTCONN/ACT
David & Sherry Dresback Scholarship Fund
Deion Anthony Pittman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Denise Gershenov Lewis Scholarship Fund
Denison Greening Project Fund
Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center Fund
Dennis S. Barlow Scholarship Award Fund
Dime Savings Bank Fund
Donald and Marilyn O'Brien Fund
Don Lumadue Scholarship Fund
Doris R. & Benjamin A. Levinson Fund
Dorothy C. Goodwin Fund
Dorothy L. Snell and Ilda L. Colburn Fund for Windham Women and Girls
Dorothy West Lathrop & Harriet Sullivan Wallace F
Douglas and Joan Smith Fund
Dr. Carl Wies Scholarship Fund
Dr. Isadore Hendel Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dr. James T. Anderson Scholarship Fund
Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial Scholarship Fund
Drs. Joan & Manuel E. Kadish Fund
Drummore Fund
Durrett Bortner-Ryder Fund
Dyanne M. Rafal Fund
Eastern Connecticut Savings Bank
East Lyme Public Library Fund
Edith M. Harris Memorial Scholarship Fund
Edith Wheaton Smith Scholarship Fund
Edson H. Strickland Fund
Edward and Fuzzy Gipstein Scholarship
Edward C. Farrell Family Scholarship Fund
Edward Wozniak Arts Access Fund
Edwin C. Higgins, Jr. Scholarship Fund
Edythe and Harold McNulty Scholarship Fund
Elaine M. and Dr. David Ginsberg Fund
Elaine Pearl Shapiro and Michael Shapiro Charitable Fund
Eleanor K. Lewis Scholarship Fund
Elisha and Lena J. Burt Charitable Trust
Elizabeth Newell Butler Gregory Fund
Elizabeth & William Foye Fund
Elizabeth Woods Memorial Fund
Elsie A. Brown Fund
Elsie Childs Fund
Elvia Enders Richards Fund
Emil Vaida Scholarship Fund
Eric Evans Scholarship Fund
Ernest W. & Elizabeth K. Cone Scholarship Fund
Estella E. Whipple Fund
Estelle & Harold Ross Fund
Esther & Lucie Harmon & Leta Sabin Trepal Scholarship Fund
Evelyn Carlson Widham Memorial Fund
Fitzpatrick-Chwalek Scholarship Fund
Fletcher Family Scholarship Fund
Florence & Raphael Shafner Charitable Fund
Florence Warren Latham Fund
Francis J. and Sally T. Pavetti Fund
Frank P. Chinigo Scholarship Fund
Fred and Jo Falkner Fund
Freddy Fayal Scholarship Fund
Frederick & Rebecca Crosby Fund
Frederick, Theodore and James Haddad Scholarship Fund
Fresh Ayre Fund
FRESH Scholarship Fund
Fund for the Norwich Arts
Garde Arts Center Endowment Fund
General Scholarship Fund
George and Beverly Letz Fitch Scholarship Fund
George A. Ott Fund
George & Beverly Letz Wheeler Scholarship Fund
Gertrude M. Ott Fund
Gilbert W. Mead Memorial Scholarship
Gildersleeve/White Fund
Gorin's Furniture Fund
Grace Badger Murphy Fund
Graham-Larcen Family Fund
Greater Norwich Education Fund
Griffis Art Center Fund
Gross Family Fund
Groton Animal Foundation Fund
Groton Public Library Endowment Fund
Gunvor Lund Scholarship Fund
Hargus Family Fund
Harold and Miriam Dean Fund
Harold D. Carpenter Memorial Scholarship
Harry R. and Dorothy S. Hazard Fund
Hartman Park Endowment Fund
Harvey Family Scholarship Fund
Heidi Niblack Fund
Helen Brewster Fund
Hempsted Heritage Fund
Hendel Family Association Scholarship Fund
Henry C. White Memorial Fund
Hertenstein Family Fund
Higher Edge Scholarship Fund
Hispanic Alliance Scholarship Fund
Horizons Fund
Howe Charitable Fund
Irma Baker Memorial Fund
ISAAC School Fund
Isabelle Atwood Fund for Feline Welfare
Isadore and Isabelle Rogovin Fund
Jacobs Family Fund
Jagger Fund
James H. Torrance Scholarship Fund
James & Isabelle English Fund
James Merrill House Fund
James Trainor Memorial Endowed Fund
Jane Dugan Baird Fund
Jane M. Brannegan Literacy Fund
Jane Wheadon Memorial Fund
Jane W. Williams Fund
Janey Schultz Scholarship Fund
Jay S. Poludniak Memorial Fund
Jean and John Lenard Fund
Jerry Baggish Scholarship Fund
Jewett City Savings Bank Fund
Joan and Thomas Wetmore Fund
Joan & Bob Rutman Scholarship Fund
John and Marcella Schweizer Fund
John Coleman Prince, American Legion Post 9, New London, CT Scholarship Fund
John Deligeorges MD Memorial Scholarship Fund
John E. and Elizabeth M. Martin Fund
John E. Boyle, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
John F. O'Brien, Jr. Scholarship Fund
John F. Root Jr. Scholarship Fund
John Geissler Memorial Fund
John O'Brien Fund
John Ostrom Enders II Memorial Scholarship Fund
John T. & Evelyn MacDougall Fund
John T. Savage Memorial Fund
Jon Martenson Fund
Josephine & Gabriel Sacco Fund for Animals
Josephine Lanzalotta Allen Fund
Judith & David Anderson Fund
Judith Glassenberg Classroom Enrichment Fund
Judith Vaill-Lombardo Fund for the Creative Arts
Julia & Carl Lindquist, MD Fund
Juliana Valentine McCourt Children's Education Fund
June D. Strunk Fund
June Salamy Krisch Fund for Women & Girls
Justice Fund
Karen L. Desjardins Fund
Kate Eloise Fund for Women & Girls
Kathleen M. & Mildred E. "Millie" Devine Fund for Women & Girls
Kathryn F. Lord Fund
Katie Jackson Non-Endowed Scholarship Fund
Kemaphoom "Ahn" Chanawongse Scholarship Fund
Kevin Crosbie Fund
Kimberly French Warn Memorial Fund Non-Endowed
Knubble Bay Fund
LaMattina Family Fund
Larry Pontbriant Athletic Safety Fund
Lathrop Family Fund
Latin Network for the Visual Arts Scholarship Fund (endowed)
Laura and Scott Moorehead Fund
Laura B. Seder Memorial Scholarship Fund
Laura Fish-Kelly Scholarship Fund
Ledyard Inter-Church Emergency Assistance Fund
Ledyard Rotary Foundation Fund
Lee & Thomas Terry Fund for Women & Girls
Leonard and Irene Zuckerbraun Family Fund
Lesniowski Fund
Let's Read Fund
Lewis Female Cent Society Endowed Fund
Liberty Bank Fund
Lieber Family Fund
Light House Voc-Ed Center Fund
Lin and Waldo Klein Fund
Linda Mariani and David Neusner Fund
Lisa Thomasco & Darrell Fox Fund
Literacy Volunteers of Eastern Connecticut, Inc. Fund
Lou Allen Scholarship Fund
Louise Guarnaccia Fund for Non-Traditional Students
Love Family Fund
Love Our Libraries Fund
Lydia I. Korolkiewicz Fund
Maletz Family Fund
Mallove Family Scholarship Fund
Margaret and William Orkney and Grant Hileman Fund
Margaret Connelley Sullivan Fund
Margaret G. Deal Fund
Margaret Mary Curtin Scholarship Fund
Margaret M. O'Shea Education Fund
Marilyn Anne Adams Nellis Fund
Marion E. Doro Fund
Marjorie Inkster Staton Fund
Marjorie J. Gildor Fund
Martha H. Griffis Fund
Martin V. Daly Memorial Scholarship Fund
Maryam Elahi Non-Endowed Fund
Mary Ginn Weinland Fund for Windham Women and Girls
Mary Hewitt & Edward Mann Fund
Mary Janvrin and Natalie Janvrin Wiggins Fund for Birds, Other Animals and Nature
Mary King Sharpe Memorial Business Scholarship Fund
Mary S. Dangremond Charitable Fund
Matthew Chew Memorial Scholarship Fund for the Arts
Matthew & Denise Shafner Fund
Matthews Family Fund
Melinda Carlisle Fund
Melvin Simon Fund
Michael Collins Achievement Scholarship Fund
Michael D. Shapiro Elie Wiesel Humanitarian Award Fund
Michael J. Gorman Fund for Persons with Disabilities
Michael Todd Gavitt Memorial Scholarship Fund
Michelle E. Maitland & Joshua C. Martin Fund
Mildred E. "Millie" Devine Fund
Millard R. York Fund
Millie & Martin Shapiro Fund
Minnie and Dorothy Levinson Fund
Mitch & Betty Salomon Fund(Wood Pawcatuck Watershed Association)
Moon Stone Fund
Morgan McGinley Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Hammond Fund
Murstein Family Fund
Mystic and Noank Library Fund
Mystic Arts Center Education Endowment Fund
Mystic Flag Committee Fund
Nancy and Howard Brundage Fund
Nancy Hillery Memorial Fund
Neal & Jane Lassen Bobruff Fund
NECASA (Northeast Communities Against Substance Abuse) Fund
Neighbors for Neighbors Fund
New England Savings Bank Fund
New London County Historical Society Fund
New London County Mutual Fund
New London Day Fund
New London Education Foundation Fund-endowed
New London Rotary Club Fund
Nightingale Fund
Norwich Area Physicians' Fund
Norwich Department of Public Utilities Fund- Safety Net Program
Norwich Savings Society Fund
Nunes Family Scholarship Fund
O'Brien Family Fund
O'Brien Goodman Family Fund
Old Black Point Association Fund
Old Lyme Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library Fund
Old Lyme Social Service Emergency Fund
Olivette Kozey Art Award Fund
Operating Reserve Fund
Ossen Fund for the Arts
Ossen Fund for Windham
Palmer/Bodenwein Fund
Pamela and Samuel Wheeler Fund
Pat & Ernestine Patterson Music Scholarship Fund
Patricia C. Norman Scholarship Fund
Patricia K. Drake Scholarship Fund
Paul J. Sellier Charitable Fund
Paul N. Carpenter Athletic Memorial Scholarship
Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center Fund
PAW (People For Animals & Wildlife) Fund
Peg Moran Fund
Perception Programs Fund
Pete and Helen Elks Scholarship Fund
Peter and Jane Shea Family Fund
Peter Block Fund
Peter Grayson Letz Fund For Animals and The Environment
Peter J. Seng Fund
Peter Matthews Scholarship Fund
Philip A. Turner Fund
Phillip G. James Fund
Pochal Family Fund
Powers Family Fund
President's Discretionary Fund
Preston Community Fund
Priscilla & Charles Hodges Memorial Fund
Pritchard Family Fund
Project Oceanology Fund
Pursuit Fitness Children's Fund
Quinebaug Middle College Fund
Rachel E. Harma Scholarship Fund
RADM David M. Goebel Leadership Award
Rafal Family Fund
Ralph Averill Powers Fund
Raymond Vaughn Payer Scholarship Fund
Rebecca Crosby Fund for Women & Girls
Reid and Linda MacCluggage Fund
Richard and Clarissa Jones Fund
Richard E. and Marjorie E. Rowe Family Fund
Rita & Myron Hendel Scholarship Fund
Riverfront Children's Center Fund
Robert A. Doherty Memorial Fund
Robert and Lois Geary Fund
Robert E. Davidson Fund
Robert L. Howard, Jr. Scholarship Fund
Robert T. Desjardins Memorial Scholarship Fund
Robert W. Marrion Founding President Fund
Roger & Cornelia Dickinson Fund
Roger Mason Day Memorial Award Fund
Rosalind M. and Harvey N. Mallove Fund
Rose & Abraham Lubchansky Scholarship Fund
Rosemary F. Contin & John F. Malmros Fund II
Rose & Sigmund Strochlitz Fund
Rotary Club of Mystic Scholarship Fund
R. S. Gernon Trust Fund
Ruben Elijah Reiser Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Rudolph and John Dirks Fund
Safe Futures Fund
Salem Free Public Library
Sarah M. Aicher Memorial Garden Fund
Sarah Morse ECB Dance Scholarship Fund
Savings Bank of Manchester Fund
Schulz-Stone Family Fund
Science Education Fund
Scott F. LaFrance Fund
Sean Duzant Memorial Scholarship Fund
Seldom B. Overlock Fund
Seymour L. & Patricia T. Hendel Fund for Women & Girls
Sharon E. Burrows Scholarship Fund
Shea Fund
Shiloh Baptist Church Fund
Shirley Beal Fund
Shirley Bradway Serafin Scholarship Fund
Sidney Faithfull Van Zandt Environmental Education Fund
Skip Thavenet Scholarship Fund
Smith Literary Fund
Solomons Family Fund
Southeastern Connecticut Community Land Trust Fund
Southeastern Connecticut Women's Network Fund
Stamm Family Fund
Stanley Popiel Fund
Stella Shannon Fund
Steven M. Lewis Best Friends Survival Fund
St. Mary Star of the Sea Church Fund
Stonington 350th Anniversary Scholarship Fund
Stonington Community Center Fund
Stonington Education Fund
Stonington Free Library Fund
Stonington High School Class of 1966 Memorial Scholarship Fund
String Theory School of Music Fund
Susan H. Timken Fund
Take Note! Antonia Brancia Memorial Scholarship Fund
Terra Fund
Terry Manning Aleman-Pomfret Community School Scholarship Fund
The Last Green Valley Fund
The Natchaug Hospital Fund
The New Leaf Fund
The Wakely Foundation Fund
Thomas Edison Troland Memorial Fund
Thomas J. Ellis, Jr. Scholarship Fund in recognition of Class of 1933
Thomas M. Przybysz Fund
Thomas & Olga Sotir and Walter & Susie Watson Scholarship Fund
Thomas P. Quinn Memorial Scholarship Fund
Thomas Soltz Scholarship Fund
Tim West Memorial Scholarship Fund
Toulmin Family Fund
Town of Eastford 8th Grade Awards Fund
Town of Eastford General Scholarship Fund
Town of Eastford General Scholarship Non-Endowed
Tuneski/Sheflott Scholarship Fund
Union School Association Scholarship Fund
Union School Assoc Scholarship Non-Endowed
Union Trust Fund
United Way Endowment Fund
Valerie S. Grimm Fund for Women & Girls
Victoria and Charles Glassenberg Fund
Viola A. and Henry W. Turner Memorial Scholarship Fund
Virginia Burdick Blumberg Fund
Walter S. Kapala Scholarship Fund
Walter V. Baker Fund
Waterford Country School Fund
Waterford Education Foundation Scholarship Fund
Waterford High School Class of 1960 Scholarship Fund
Waterford High School Class of 1964 Scholarship Fund
Waterford Senior Services Endowment Fund
Whelen Family Fund
Whittemore-Kepple Fund
William Emberton Scholarship Fund
William & Evelyn Mehlman Scholarship Fund
William J. Hazlewood Fund
William Pedace Scholarship Fund
William R. Hannaford Fund
William Shand Memorial Award Fund
William S. Warren Academic Award Fund
Willimantic Welfare Bureau Fund (former Holt Fund)
Windham Theatre Guild Fund
Women & Girls Events - Northeast
Women & Girls Events - SECT
Women & Girls Fund - Northeast Area
Women & Girls Fund - Norwich Area
Women & Girls Fund - Southeast Area
Women & Girls Fund - Windham Area
Woolworth Family Fund for Stonington